Short notes – week 43/2021

What has caught my attention this last week of October 2021.


The Graph – google for Blockchains? ($GRT).

Enjin – NFT platform/enabler. ($ENJ).


FB – Facebook’s/Meta’s Metaverse vision by Mark Zuckerberg. I hope we get a more decentralized version, but the move and rebranding make sense to me.

Facebook changes its name to Meta and wants to build the Metaverse.

HDD – Heidelberger Druckmaschinen – turnaround story with new CEO (idea by @b0risher).


How to find your life purpose by Mark Manson – I like his youtube channel, he is very authentic and positive.

In short:

  • try a lot of stuff – no perfection, trial and error.
  • find something you like and you are good at.
  • ideally it is something people are willing to pay for.
Mark Manson tells you how to find your purpose.


Tim Ferriss with Chris Dixon and Naval on Web3.

Three great minds in this episode of the Tim Ferriss podcast.


Full Disclosure: I have positions in GRT, ENJ, FB and HDD. No investment advice.

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