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Links to interesting articles, blog posts, tweets, papers, videos. Food for thought. May include comments. In no particular order. Full credit to the authors.

Five Lessons from History – by Morgan Housel. – Excellent, timeless write-up on learnings from historic events.

HTGR How to get rich library – content by Naval Ravikant, created by Karim El Kaddioui. – Short videos based on the popular tweetstorm by Naval.

Principles for Financial Success – by Anton Kreil. – Plain, simple & hard truth about (personal) finance and financial education from a traders’ perspective. Priceless.

Trust the process – by Jack Vogel. – Importance of a process-oriented approach in investing. Steps: 1. Goal, 2. Process and Logic, 3. Trust and follow the process. Check out the audio version read by the author himself.

Paradigm Shifts – by Ray Dalio. Excellent review of 100 years of investing categorized in decades from 1920 to 2019. Especially interesting for younger investors to learn some lessons from history. In part 2 focus is on the near future till 2030, where he sees lower returns in Equities & bonds and a bullish case for Gold.
Personal note: If this turns out to be true, considering that we are in the digital age and Millenials are approaching their prime investing years, you could also expand the bullish case for “digital gold”, namely Bitcoin.

The Four Stages of Life – by Mark Manson. Great write-up on personal development over the course of ones’ life and why you sometimes seem to be stuck. According to the author, we move through the stages of mimicry, self-discovery, commitment and legacy. With each stage, external dependencies decrease and internal conviction increases. Acceptance that you cannot have everything; that you need to make choices you focus on, is key to move beyond the individual stages.

High rate of return habits – by James Clear

As the saying goes, it’s the little things in life that matter. There are more productivity hacks and tips out there than you can digest, but habits guru James Clear (author of Atomic Habits) sums it up beautifully in this short tweet. I bet if you can adopt all these habits, you are more than on track to reach your goals. For me personally, I would replace weight-lifting with Swimming and add intermittent fasting (16 hours fast overnight, 8 hours eating window) 4-5 days a week. That’s it.

The Pmarca Guide to Personal Productivity. To me, it is one of the simplest, if not the ultimate guide to personal productivity. You can find a short summary in my productivity takeways.

How to be successful – by Sam Altman.